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Thinking about selling your agency?

You've built a great business over the years, and maybe it's time to consider selling.

Insure Hive Partners, Inc. is acquiring agencies just like yours.

The Difference in selling to Insure Hive versus brokers and aggregators?:

  1. Maintain your independence
  2. Keep your agency name.
  3. Keep same staff in place.
  4. Keep same office location.
  5. Take poker chips off table for family, we provide significant CASH upfront.
  6. Diversify your assets. Don't have all eggs in agency basket.
  7. Perpetuation planning/estate planning.
  8. Earn more revenue than being a "standalone" agency.
  9. Grow up to 4x faster.
  10. We are in first inning still & locally Michigan based.
  11. Get a seat on our agency advisory council. ( Have a say in the direction of the company)

We are experienced insurance professionals who know how to get deals done quickly and fairly.

For more information and to get in touch, please reach out:

Brian Hannigan

VP- Mergers & Acquisitions